Sometimes the only way to resolve a dispute with another party is through civil litigation. Our attorneys have the experience and expertise you need in a legal partner willing to fight for your best interests. However, we know that litigation can be intimidating, particularly if you’re on the receiving end of a lawsuit. If you’ve been named as a party in a lawsuit, Byrne, Cardenas & Aris, LLP can help.

As a party named in a lawsuit, you have a limited period of time to respond after being served with the summons, complaint and notice of the lawsuit. Our attorneys can analyze the legal paperwork, review the necessary evidence, talk to witnesses and then develop a strategy to respond to the lawsuit. We strive to evaluate risk and exposure for our clients as quickly as possible and negotiate from a position of strength and leverage. Our ability to accurately evaluate cases comes from years of trial experience in a wide variety of cases.

Often an out-of-court settlement is the ideal response for both the plaintiff and the defendant–but it may take the threat of litigation to bring both parties to the table to negotiate a mutually agreeable resolution. If a settlement can’t be reached, Byrne, Cardenas & Aris, LLP lawyers can represent you during the trial and vigorously advocate on your behalf.


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