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Personal injury law has virtually become a legal industry in and of itself. It’s harder and harder to drive more than a mile or two without seeing a billboard that promotes your fundamental right to be financially compensated for injuries that were not your fault.

But the truth is, legal personal injury representation is far more complex than a clever sound bite on a billboard, TV or radio ad. So is the very nature of a personal injury case itself.

Byrne, Cardenas & Aris attorneys understand the significant issues involved in defending such cases—both from the injured and the ostensibly responsible party’s point of view. Constructive notice issues, the standard of care applicable in various industries, security and lighting issues, maintenance, record-keeping policy issues, and problems arising from lessee and lessor disputes are just some of the issues that impact responsibility and liability.   

In fact, the liability of premises owners for injuries occurring on their property is often a complex issue that requires careful investigation and legal analysis. Our attorneys endeavor to provide clients with an early case assessment of their exposure to liability, so the legal team can then decide the most beneficial approach to pursue—whether via settlement or litigation. Our personal injury experience includes:

  • Physical and sexual assaults
  • Premises security and criminal activity
  • Slip, trip and fall accidents
  • Wrongful detention, false imprisonment and illegal arrests
  • Claimed defects in and around premises
  • Claimed negligence of both management and maintenance personnel

And much more. For more information on how Byrne, Cardenas & Aris can help you achieve your legal goals, contact us today.