We are experienced energy industry professionals.

Texas is a global leader in the energy industry, and Byrne, Cardenas & Aris attorneys are proud to have been helping individuals and businesses with their energy litigation issues for over 25 years.

Our attorneys have decades of experience resolving disputes for energy companies and investors, including mediation, arbitration, trial, or appeal. We also have deep expertise in handling disputes arising from all aspects of oil and gas disputes and catastrophic accidents. Serving first and foremost as trial counsel, our energy litigation team is seasoned in quick, efficient and accurate investigations in order to promptly evaluate liability and exposure issues, and formulate sound trial strategies that drive early settlement discussions.

We are intimately familiar with the Texas Railroad Commission, Rules and Regulations which govern the industry and we have been at the forefront of interpreting and advocating our client’s most advantageous use of Insurance coverages, Master Service Agreements and the enforceability of indemnity provisions to achieve outstanding results for our clients.

We have tried cases involving pipeline accidents, drilling accidents, fracking accidents, and blowouts. Over the years, we have also represented drillers, operators, movers, roustabouts, electricians, welders, pumpers, laborers, and contractors of almost every kind. We know the energy industry from the inside out, have hired or cross-examined leading experts from a wide variety of backgrounds and from across the country.

Byrne, Cardenas & Aris trial lawyers regularly represent clients in both state and federal forums, helping them to reach efficient resolutions in a variety of matters including:

  • Oil field accidents and deaths
  • Economic damages from well failures
  • Propane processes, distribution, sales and services
  • Propane fire and explosion investigations
  • Pipeline failures
  • Water rights and other environmental issues
  • Natural gas explosions and fires
  • Alternative energy
  • All cases involving an energy source of an electrocution or a burn
  • Groundwater contamination
  • Electric transmission and distribution line failures

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