We use creative strategies to resolve claims and litigation.

Whether you’re a doctor, lawyer, construction engineer, truck driver, an insurance broker, or are in any other business leadership position—chances are you’re required to provide your clients and business partners with appropriate insurance coverage. It’s unusual, however, to find individuals in companies who truly understand their coverage needs and limitations.

At Byrne, Cardenas & Aris, we focus on all areas of insurance law. Our practice begins with the basics—knowing and understanding various coverages, and the way the insurance industry works.

We provide effective and practical representation. We also understand that, as in all else, bottom-line concerns can drive business decisions in commercial litigation, and we’re dedicated to working within our clients’ budgets, while pursuing courses of action formulated with the big picture in mind.

Insurance Liability Defense

A significant portion of our legal practice involves insurance defense work, so we’re accustomed to protecting clients’ interests while working within a carrier’s guidelines and expectations.

For more than two decades, Byrne, Cardenas & Aris has resolved insurance disputes, ranging from personal injury claims arising from oil and gas drilling, fires, explosions and construction accidents, as well as transportation litigation, including trucking, aviation, railroad and boating accidents.  

We counsel and represent our clients in claims involving comprehensive general liability policies, automobile policies, homeowner’s policies, marine and cargo, environmental impairment liability, employment practices, mortgage insurance, directors and officers liability, non-profit management liability, and more.

Although our firm is often associated with high-profile catastrophic cases involving death and serious bodily injury, the practice group continues to represent individuals and companies in virtually all aspects of insurance defense including:

  • Product liability
  • Personal auto lines
  • Homeowner liability
  • Premises liability
  • Construction liability
  • Professional malpractice

And much more. Insurance disputes can arise in a variety of areas.  The outstanding results our attorneys have achieved in trial have fostered and developed long-standing relationships with most of the major insurance companies in the marketplace. And, of course, our clients.

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